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Best Website Builder

best website builder
The best website builder is a company that builds an attractive, user friendly, high quality website, that comes with ongoing support. The overall look of your website is what your visitor will notice first.  But the idea is to not only get a visitor’s attention but to hold it. You want your viewer to stay a while not just bounce right off your website. Your website developer should build your website with optimized relevant content, images and videos. Visitors like to be able to find what they are looking for with ease.  Website visitors appreciate easy to understand information. With all things considered, the best website builder for you should be the company that not only does all the right things during the development, but also provides website support to their customers....Read More

Customized Website Build

customized website build
True Website Customization Online Presence Builders delivers a customized website build.  Our goal is not only to build a beautifully designed website, but to also bring your vision to reality.  More than likely, you have an idea of how you want your website to look.  You also know what you want the public to see on our website.  More importantly, you are sure about the things you do not want on your website! A customized website build is not only about a website that looks different.   It is also about building a website that includes our clients’ specific ideas and preferences.  We welcome your input in order to deliver true website customization! Online Presence Builders is staffed with talented and experienced Graphic Designers, Content Writers, Web Developers, Website...Read More

Put your website to work!

put website to work
Online Presence Builders has been helping small to medium size businesses put their websites to work for over five years!  What good is a website that doesn’t get your customers attention and make them want to buy? Our team brings the talent and experience of Graphic Designers, Content Writers, Web Developers, and Internet Marketing Specialists to you at a very affordable price.  We will build your website based on your needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you tame the internet marketing beast and put your website to work!  Like us on...Read More

Facebook Advertising for your Business

Facebook Advertising, facebook, online presence builders
Have you considered Facebook Advertising?  When you think of social media, Facebook is probably the first website that comes to mind.  Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. Facebook has now reached over 1 billon active members monthly. That's not a typo.... monthly!  Facebook advertising is similar to Google AdWords which has always been a standard for most businesses when it comes to internet marketing but with all those people logged into Facebook, there is plenty of opportunity for your businesses to find success with Facebook marketing. Ad managers is definitely on the rise. Facebook has always been a social network, however, marketing your business on Facebook is becoming increasingly popular.  Through Ad manager you are able to set certain criteria that...Read More

Team Work at it’s Finest

We believe that great work is not just one persons hard work but a team of people working together, creating majesty.  Our team at Online Presence Builders specializes in website development, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, Social Media Management and so much more.  We take time in what we do, working side by side with our clients to create something that does not just look great but is functional and turn key.  Steve Jobs once said, "The only way to do great work, is to love what you do" which is why we invest so much love into every project. Our team goes to work laying the foundation for your online presence to grow. We research, brainstorm, sketch, and code! As the strategy materializes, we will keep you informed—and we welcome your input along the way! Think of us...Read More

The Growing Mobile Market

Studies have shown that more Americans are using smart phones to access the internet every day; for a growing part of the population, this is their only form of access. By capitalizing on this trend and providing the mobile users with a website tailored specifically to their devices, you are getting in front of customers that want answers and are ready to buy.  Our mobile sites are both easy to use and optimized for mobile searches. This offers your company the unique opportunity of targeting mobile users with specific content for users on the go. We reuse content and design elements from your existing website to create a site that is easily viewed and used on today’s most popular mobile devices. Your wallet can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that this process is a fraction of the...Read More

DDos Cyber Attack

Today, a plethora of websites have been down due to a DDoS attack on the servers at a major DNS hosting company.  How is this possible?  Basically, the hackers have attacked the domain name servers and shut those certain websites down.  Through out the day, most websites have come back up for some users but most websites are still down. How is this affecting our customers?  We have been noticing websites have had some difficulties processing online payment at checkout.  Most transactions are processing, however, if you run into this issue you are not alone. For more information on this please click the link...Read More

Google Now on Tap is a cool new feature with Android Marshmallow

One thing is very true about the 21st Century, and that is the speed in which technology is growing. One of the fastest growing technologies is the smart phone. Almost every consumer has one, and the demand keeps increasing for constant improvement. Google has shown how they wish to keep up with the demand of the consumer with their innovative creations such as “Google Now” which was released a few years ago. Google Now is the smart assistant for Android users. With the back bone of Google's search engine, Google Now can help with a lot of day to day needs. From giving you updates on your daily commute  to performing a voice search for restaurants near you. Google Now is one of the top smart assistants available. To keep the trend going Google will be launching Android's new OS...Read More

Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ Punishes Websites That Don’t Work On Your Phone

It's happened to all of us. We do a Google search on our phone, find the exact thing we're looking for, click on the link, and the mobile site we're brought to is practically non-functional. No more. Welcome to "Mobilegeddon," also known as the day the world's biggest search engine changed the way we experience the Web on our phones. Google has made big changes to its ranking system for mobile searches. Websites that are mobile friendly — and popular — will go to the top of the results. Sites that are deemed unfriendly — text that's too small, sites that take too long to load and are graphics heavy and hard to navigate, get buried. Desktop search results won't change. Why is this a big deal? Only 38% of business websites are optimized for mobile. In USA TODAY tests this week, we...Read More