It’s happened to all of us. We do a Google search on our phone, find the exact thing we’re looking for, click on the link, and the mobile site we’re brought to is practically non-functional. No more. Welcome to “Mobilegeddon,” also known as the day the world’s biggest search engine changed the way we experience the Web on our phones. Google has made big changes to its ranking system for mobile searches. Websites that are mobile friendly — and popular — will go to the top of the results. Sites that are deemed unfriendly — text that’s too small, sites that take too long to load and are graphics heavy and hard to navigate, get buried. Desktop search results won’t change. Why is this a big deal? Only 38% of business websites are optimized for mobile. In USA TODAY tests this week, we found plenty of popular websites for brand names such as California Pizza Kitchen and M&Ms that failed the Google “mobile-friendly” test. So if your site doesn’t work optimally on a phone, get on that redesign. Your ranking depends on it.

Online Presence Builders has been optimizing for these changes and including mobile website re-designs for all of our current SEO clients. Online Presence Builders also does not have hidden extra charges for mobile websites. When we design your desktop site we also make it adaptive and user friendly for tablet and smart phone users, no matter the platform or device, you can rest assured that your website will look professional and be Google-friendly.

This article originally published by USA Today