• Website Design

    We Are Web.

    Website design
    One of the biggest obstacles to a high-quality business website is keeping it up-to-date. Many website design companies contract only for the initial design, and any changes or updates after that add up to extra charges. Have you ever been told that you can’t change your website because of “ownership rights”, or that the site was “too old” or “out of date”? At Online Presence Builders, we continually maintain and update your website for the length of your contract. If you ever need to add or remove features or content, just let us know. We make sure that your website is never outdated or obsolete, and you never have to choose between letting an error go unfixed and paying exorbitant fees. Contact us now for a customized website design solution just for you!
  • Graphic Design

    Branding, Identity, and Graphic Design

    What you need: a brand, and an identity.
    The last thing a business wants to be is unprepared. So, naturally, they will have lists and main points and goals and objectives put on paper to make sure they have all their bases covered, as far as their business plan goes. What a brand does is allow a business and their objectives to exist in the real world, with a sense of personality.
    Why is this important for a company?
    Glad you asked! Words on a screen or paper with numbers and technical jargon are often abused in order to fill an empty space; it takes a real human being to give them a personality. All too often companies fall into a safe zone of blandness, full of catch phrases that would barely pass as an acceptable writing style in an intermediate high school class. This tends to carry over into many aspects of the business, and it does absolutely no good. People naturally want to identify with one another, and that is why it is important to care about how you appear to others. You want your clients to feel like they are interacting with a REAL person — notice all the companies bragging about the “real people” they hire that their customers can contact and talk to directly. We may be communicating via digital media more often, but people still want to feel connected to other people, not wires and fibers.
    How can you obtain this?
    By combining principles of design, perception, web development, and marketing strategy with your company’s core values, objectives, successes, and true “essence”, we are able to craft a likeable personality for your image. We reference the identity while we create a logo and promotional materials for you. We give you a guide to work from, so that when you hire new employees you’ll be able to quickly train them and deliver a message that is clear and concise about who you are.
  • Mobile Websites

    Tap Into the Mobile Market!

    Mobile Websites Design
    Studies have shown that more Americans are using smart phones to access the internet every day; for a growing part of the population, this is their only form of access. By capitalizing on this trend and providing the mobile users with a mobile website tailored specifically to their devices, you are getting in front of customers that want answers and are ready to buy. Our mobile websites are both easy to use and optimized for mobile searches. This offers your company the unique opportunity of targeting mobile users with specific content for users on the go. We reuse content and design elements from your existing website to create a mobile website that is easily viewed and used on today’s most popular mobile devices. Your wallet can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that this process is a fraction of the cost of designing a full site. Mobile websites are meant to compliment your existing web marketing efforts — in many cases mobile sites will see more traffic than your full-size website. Contact us to see how we can set you up for success by adding a mobile website design to your online presence!