Have you considered Facebook Advertising?  When you think of social media, Facebook is probably the first website that comes to mind.  Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. Facebook has now reached over 1 billon active members monthly. That’s not a typo…. monthly!  Facebook advertising is similar to Google AdWords which has always been a standard for most businesses when it comes to internet marketing but with all those people logged into Facebook, there is plenty of opportunity for your businesses to find success with Facebook marketing.

Ad managers is definitely on the rise. Facebook has always been a social network, however, marketing your business on Facebook is becoming increasingly popular.  Through Ad manager you are able to set certain criteria that benefits businesses and increases the reach. One thing that is helping businesses on Facebook ad manager is the ability to tailor ads that will market to your customer the best.  Facebook allows businesses to target a specific group of people based on location, age, interests and more. Facebook can search user profiles to put ads only on pages that mention a certain keyword or phrases. Not only is Facebook Ad manager good for tailoring your certain needs it’s pretty inexpensive due to the target marketing.

When you combine reach and the fact that it is inexpensive- why would you not consider Facebook Ads Manager as a marketing tool for your business?   For more information on Facebook Advertising for your business, please contact us to see how we can boost your business on Facebook.