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Studies have shown that a visitor to your website will read the first 250 words or less of your site and then decide whether or not to continue reading. Website Design and layout are not the only determiners of a website’s success, but design instead goes hand-in-hand with content! We go through design and copy with a fine-tooth comb to find the most effective concepts your business can push forward so that you get the absolute best value from your online presence.

Just imagine: no more wasted time staring at a half-written (if written at all) document! Copy writing services are included in our design, SEO, and social media packages. Alternatively, if you only need a blog post written on occasion or a few words for a brochure, we can help you out with affordable prices and fast turnaround.

Writing about yourself can be daunting, and is one of the largest hurdles to overcome in writing and updating your business website. What’s more, tailored content is essential to effective SEO, making copywriting an integral part of your website design. At Online Presence Builders, we have an experienced team of writers who understand that what you say is just as important as how you say it. We make sure that all your content is relevant and easy for your customers to understand, while showing your business to its best advantage at all times.