One thing is very true about the 21st Century, and that is the speed in which technology is growing. One of the fastest growing technologies is the smart phone. Almost every consumer has one, and the demand keeps increasing for constant improvement.

Google has shown how they wish to keep up with the demand of the consumer with their innovative creations such as “Google Now” which was released a few years ago. Google Now is the smart assistant for Android users. With the back bone of Google’s search engine, Google Now can help with a lot of day to day needs. From giving you updates on your daily commute  to performing a voice search for restaurants near you. Google Now is one of the top smart assistants available.

To keep the trend going Google will be launching Android’s new OS “Marshmallow,” this week, on the Nexus phones and tablets. It is expected to be released to other Android devices within the coming weeks. Many Android users are excited to see what the new operating system will provide. With one very interesting new feature being “Google Now on Tap.” Now on Tap will be an extension of Google Now to further assist your smart phone needs. The idea is that you will be able to conduct a search within an app instead of having to go back to Google search. Super cool right? We thought so too.

There are a few videos online of consumers testing the product to show what Now on Tap is capable of.
So far it has proven to be able to conduct a search while in a messenger app. The message was an invite to a movie. Holding down the home key the user was then able to do a search of the movie and pull up the trailer. Instead of having to retype the information into a search bar to find what they were looking for. This can also be done while using social media apps, etc.

Yet that isn’t all that it is capable of. Now on Tap can also conduct voice searches by using the phrase “ Ok Google” just as before with Google Now, except you wont have to leave your current app to do so. This is helpful when making specific searches about the content. Say you had a message from a friend asking to go to the new Hunger Games movie. You could say “Ok Google show me the book” and it will then provide results based on your request.

Now on Tap out the gate is showing serious improvement with Google Now. With its fast and efficient search ability, this feature is giving a great new look to the Android OS. Which leaves many users wondering, what will be next?

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