Ranch Wireless

Working with Ranch Wireless and building on what they had so far, we were able to design a strong logo and a customized site, as well as get their business listed as a top choice in online searches. Our strategy included:

  1. Developing a legible, versatile logo mark that was easily recognizable by their current customers and also attractive to new customers.
  2. Creating a user-friendly site and organizing their information to create more value for their customers.
  3. Creating a personality around their brand to help develop deeper connections and increase client loyalty.
  4. Increasing traffic, leads, and sales using our Search Engine Optimization knowledge.

Presence Builders developed and implemented an SEO initiative that focused on adding and updating content on the main website, using generic keywords to improve search engine visibility and rankings.

We also created content on a regular basis to keep the site current and relevant. This provides existing users with new content to explore and new users a large portfolio of information to learn more about what Ranch Wireless does.