New Website Launched for JEB Design/Build

JEB Design/Build
JEB Design/Build is a custom home builder and remodeler in the Shreveport/Bossier City area of North Louisiana. The Design Build Method—The practice of JEB Design/Build is rooted in antiquity, when the master builder was usually both the designer and the assembler of the projects he envisioned. Manual laborers were used to haul large blocks of stone that skilled craftsmen would later fashion into useful components by the individual responsible for the project’s design. Often the “plans” were little more than an image in the designer’s mind, realized only in the course of the actual construction. It was essential, therefore, that the designer be the builder as well. Online Presence Builders is proud to have recently launched the brand new website for JEB Design/Build of...Read More

Why local SEO is important for your business

In our world of instant gratification when consumers decide they need something they usually need it immediately, in other words, more often then not, consumers do not think about local businesses until they need a local business. In the digital era, of today, consumers relay on the internet to find most of their information and this includes local businesses. When consumers search online, search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo use the consumers’ location to customize search results. According to Search Engine Watch, more then 60% of on-line searches now focus on returning results for local companies across a variety of devices. Thus when a consumer performs a search for a product, that your business carries, or a service that your business offers, in your city, your website...Read More

Why should your business have a website?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions from small businesses today, and the answer is simple, so that consumers can find you. Today, more then ever, consumers are turning to the internet to search for local businesses. Gone are the days where consumers picked thru the trusty phone book to find what they needed, then dialed that number in tiny print on the old rotary phone. Now we are in a full swing digital era with information at your fingertips and consumers are loving it! This trend is here to stay, as technology moves forward so does the consumers’ ability to retrieve information at the click of a button. If your not “online” and your competition is, guess who just got a new customer? Not you! In fact, according to the PEW 87% of Americans are using the...Read More

Cajun Airsoft Field New Website Launch

Cajun Airsoft is a family fun center located at 8070 E. Texas St in Bossier City, LA. We feature three outdoor airsoft fields, one of which is a 20,000 square foot CQB field. The area's largest arcade, a nerf field, room for birthday parties, bachelor/bacherlorette parties, corporate parties, family reunions, professional training and of course, our focus, family fun. Cajun Airsoft also houses the only airsoft store within a 230 mile radius. We carry a wide variety of airsoft guns and tactical gear from vendors such as KWA, G&G, Elite Force and Condor. We also have a full repair shop - our pro-sales and repair shop techs are knowledgeable, helpful and the best in the area. And since we know you will want to spend the day, we also have a concession stand and comfortable couches with free...Read More

Fox Family Dentist New Website Launch

Fox Family Dentistry New Website
Our goal at Fox Family Dentistry is to provide you with the very best dental care service in the Shreveport/Bossier City area. Whether you need general dental work, such as routine exams, cleanings, fillings, crowns, inlays, onlays, restorative work, non-surgical treatment for gum disease, and implants, or cosmetic services such as orthodontic treatment using Invisalign or Six Month Smiles, bonded or porcelain veneers, or an entire smile makeover, Dr. Fox and the team at Fox Family Dentistry believe you should be treated with the respect, friendliness, and the skill you expect. Online Presence Builders is proud to have recently launched the brand new website for Fox Family Dentistry of Shreveport LA. Go see for yourself at...Read More

Genesis Hearing Center Website Launch

Genesis Hearing Center Shreveport LA
Online Presence Builders just completed the brand new website for Genesis Hearing Center of Shreveport Louisiana. Genesis Hearing Center takes pride in offering superior customer service, with a knowledgeable and caring staff. Genesis Hearing Center understands how much hearing loss affects one’s ability to understand in various social situations and how frustrating it can be. Their mission is to help improve the quality of life for the hearing impaired by helping them to retain or restore their ability to converse with those around them. If you, or someone you know has a hearing disability and would like information contact Genesis Hearing Center of Shreveport LA...Read More

New Website Launched for SLFi

Synthetic Lubricants and Filters Inc for bio degradable grease, oil, lubricants, refridgerant, and fluids
Synthetic Lubricants and Filters Inc of Shreveport Louisiana is a world-wide distributor of bio-degradable oils, greases, fluids, refrigerants and lubricants for hydraulic equipment, food processing equipment and other industrial equipment. Synthetic Lubricants and Filters Incorporated or SLFi has more than 25 years of experience in designing and formulating synthetic lubricants for both common and specialized applications. Together, the SLFi sales staff has over 35 years of providing synthetic lubricants to the following industries: paper pulp food marine automotive hospital industrial Online Presence Builders is proud to have partnered with SLFi to provide them a more up-to-date and user friendly website for dealers and clients. Go check out their new site at...Read More

ELTEC Corporation New Website

ELTEC Corp New Website
For almost 50 years ELTEC been a world-class manufacturer of time clocks/time switches used primarily in school zone flashing beacon systems. ELTEC is the preferred traffic industry supplier of warning systems and products for many municipalities, state Departments of Transportation and local contractors. Online Presence Builders recently launched a fully re-designed website for ELTEC Go Check it out at...Read More

Our Brand New Website

Online Presence Builders a website design and Internet marketing company located in Shreveport LA, but serving customers from coast to coast in the United States, is proud to release the launch of our own re-designed site. Our lead design team took into consideration the user ability, functionality and overall appeal when building this new site. Take a look around our new site and let us know what you think! Online Presence Builders has a full team of graphic designer, copywriters, SEO and marketing specialists that are passionate and dedicated to putting your business, in front of your customers, where it counts! Let Online Presence Builders help you grow your business...Read More

556 Tactical New Website Launched

556 Tactical Website by Online Presence Builders
556 Tactical LLC, is Louisiana’s premier tactical assault AR15 and AR10 Builder/Dealer. 556 Tactical was founded by Colin Evans and originally created from a passion for shooting superior weapon systems. Online Presence Builders recently launched the new website for 556 Tactical of Shreveport, Louisiana. A full E Commerce website loaded with products that you can easily shop for online! Go check them out!...Read More