Have you ever been in a huge hurry to find something in particular, an address for the business you need to drive too, a phone number for the company your in route too, etc?

Chances are you have, and if your part of the roughly 61% of US internet users performing your search on a mobile device…you’ve probably clicked on the best match in your search results only to see something like this…


So, you frantically try to magnify your screen, in a vain attempt to find the information you need, only to tap something that routes you off the page or worse off the site! This scenario is frustrating and it happens a lot. In fact Google felt it happened too much! So, it began to “punish” websites that didn’t provide a good experience for mobile users, now it’s gone one step further with the new Mobile Friendly label.


The thing is, not only are mobile devices are here to stay, they are also rapidly becoming the medium of choice when it comes to conducting online activity. A recent study by Google found the 77% of mobile searches are performed in a location (home, work, etc.) where a PC is likely available. While web developers have pulled their hair out trying to keep up with the ever changing world of web browsers, business owners made attempts at keeping up…Well it’s Google to the rescue again!

By adding Mobile usability reports in Google Webmaster Tools, updating documentation on Google’s Webmaster Mobile Guide, Google aids both developers and marketers alike in creating output that works on mobile mediums.

The criteria is simple;

  •  Avoid using software that is not common on Mobile Devices.
  • Text Should be readable without Zooming
  • Size content to the screen
  • Space links far enough apart and size them to be tapped easily.

Google is also experimenting with using mobile friendly usage as a signal in ranking criteria…meaning mobile friendly will have a direct effect on your websites SEO!

These days most businesses are wanting to tap into the mobile market, however according to Greg Stuart, CEO of Mobile Marketing Association, the question is not; should we do it, rather, how DO we do it?  Contact Online Presence Builders to see how we can help optimize your site for mobile and help your business tap into the mobile market.