Almost everyone knows, or at the very least has heard, that linking helps search engine optimization. The truth is, however, that over time links have lost some of their value due to link blocking practices, link buying and selling and more. In recent years the popularity if social media has grown so much that many claim SEO is on the way out and social networking is on the way in! As such using social platforms as a means of increasing SEO ranking via linking is a valuable practice.

Truth be told, the current romance between social media and search engines makes search engine optimization more powerful then ever! Not only does a website get the benefit of the link itself, it also gains visibility from all the potential customers that follow, like or are friends with the person or page that originally shared it as well as gaining ranking in organic search results. This can really explode exponentially when others share the link and so on and so forth. In fact links that are shared, twitted, etc. have more credibility with search engines like Google then links that have never been shared across social media networks, additionally the benefits of authorship can also improve rankings for both branded searches and organic search results.

Since Google allows authors to associate content with their Google+ profile, authorship can and does increase a website’s credibility with Google when done correctly. By linking website content with the author, said content is then additionally linked across the authors Google+ and other social media campaigns thus increasing the website’s credibility an driving traffic to said site. In fact according to Google, authorship markup can be taken into consideration above keywords in broader search results.

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