Today at Online Presence Builders, we had a very special guest visit us! Michael Beran of A All Animal Control in Bossier City, LA, Albuquerque, NM, Pine Bluff, AR, and Dallas, TX dropped in for a visit so that we could introduce him to our team and to our Internet Marketing services. However, he brought a very special visitor so as to help us better understand his services as well! Michael Beran is a Master Falconer as well as a multi-faceted businessman with multiple specialty licenses, and Bella the Hawk is his personal assistant! It was interesting to get a hands-on insight into Michael’s business by meeting Bella.

As a marketing team, we create great business by creating great relationships with our clients. In getting to know Michael and Bella, as well as getting to know their needs and interests (Bella happens to love Pocket Gophers, and Michael carries them in his pocket!), we are able to better design a strategy to attain the results they are looking for.

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